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Product Care

Looking after your jewellery.

?? Trust us, this is important.

We love jewellery that is shiny, sparkly and lasts forever. We’re quite sure you do too and we got you covered.

Here are some easy how-to steps:


  1.  Water is great but it also contains chemicals, like chlorine, that can take away the shine from your jewellery. Take it off if you’re going for a swim and even for a shower.
  2. You may like perfume but jewellery doesn’t. Don’t spray directly onto it. Pretty please.
  3.  Some days you feel like wearing a piece and some you don’t. For when you don’t, make sure to store it individually in its pouch, away from sunlight and humidity.
  4. Jewellery can have a bad day too. For when that happens, give it a clean with a soft, lint free cloth.

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