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Materials FAQ

Where and how is your jewellery made?
Our jewellery is  either hand finished or completely handcrafted in our workshop in the heart of Dublin. Keeping our production local allows us to have full control over the quality of each piece 


How do I know the jewellery I buy is of good quality?

All our pieces are certified and hallmarked by The Dublin Assay Office in accordance with the Hallmarking Act of 1973. In other words, all our jewellery comes with guaranteed purity and quality. 


What materials do you use and why?

Jewellery can be confusing. There are so many terms used- gold plated, gold tone, vermeil, gold filled and so on. We want to keep it straightforward while giving you a choice. Our pieces are designed to look beautiful and to last in either gold or silver.

 What we do use:

18k Eco Gold

18k gold is an alloy of gold containing 75% pure gold and 25% of silver, copper and zinc. What is eco gold? That's gold that has been recycled and is fully traceable and conflict free. It is environmentally friendly as there is no mining involved and we love it as we strive to have a minimum environmental impact with our production. 

14K Yellow Gold

This is an alloy of gold containing about 58% pure gold and other metals- fine silver (30%) and copper (12%) . Pure or 24k gold is very soft and easy to scratch which is why it is mixed with other metals, to give it durability. 


14k White Gold

Just like 14k yellow and rose gold, 14 white gold is an alloy containing 58% pure gold. However, instead of copper it is mixed with fine silver (32%) and palladium (10%) in order to achieve its colour.


Sterling Silver

An alloy of silver containing 92.5 % silver and 7.5% other metals (usually copper). As pure silver is very soft and fragile, it is alloyed with copper to give it strength and make it durable. All our pieces are made of solid sterling silver.


Gold Vermeil
Gold vermeil is similar to gold plating but the base material has to be silver and the plating itself is about 50% thicker than traditional plating. Gold vermeil jewellery is also different from other gold plated or gold filled jewellery as it only uses precious instead of base metals. This also makes it more expensive. Our jewellery receives a 3 micron of 18k gold vermeil which makes it durable and if worn and taken care of properly (see out care guide) can last for years. 


Rhodium Plating

Rhodium is the most expensive precious metal. However in its natural solid form it's too hard to work with and that's why it's used for alloys. We use rhodium plating on our silver pieces which gives them a gorgeous white mirror- like colour and an exceptional brightness. Just like gold vermeil, rhodium plating will wear off with time but worn and taken care of properly will make it last a long time.





What we don't use:

Gold plated- the term is used when a piece is made of a base metal (copper or brass) and is then dipped in gold creating a thin top layer. Some people have allergies to the base metal which can be triggered when the top layer wears off.
Gold filled- this is when a base metal (copper or brass) is covered with layers of gold, usually 14k. This is a better option than gold plating as the top layer doesn't wear off.

We don't use gold plated or gold filled materials as we want our pieces to be made from precious metals only.


How long do vermeil and plating last?
There are several factors that will affect the longevity of the finish. Taking proper care of your jewellery is the most important one. Please read more about it in our care section.
That being said, some type of jewellery will preserve its finish longer because they are less in contact with your skin like earrings. Others like rings, if worn often will wear off faster in comparison.
We do want you to love and wear your Rybelo jewellery so we make sure to use heavy gold plating which will last a long time.


What can I do if my plating wears off?
If your plating does wear off you can always have it re-plated with us or at any jeweller for a small cost.