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Nereid Diamond Ring in Solid Gold

Size Guide

         "Among the glaucous waves that kiss gold Tauris’ beaches,                                    I saw a Nereid, as dawn flushed heaven’s reaches..."

        A. Pushkin

  • When jewellery meets poetry. Inspired by the mythical beauty of the Nereids, a ring to crown your finger was born. An instant heirloom 
  • Works beautifully as an understated engagement ring or a sparkly wedding band. Designed to fit with most rings from our collection, it is the perfect statement ring to add to your own.

  • Focused on qualities that matter:

    -Made from the finest ethical materials- 18k eco gold, that won't tarnish and fade and you get to keep forever, conflict free top quality diamonds at prices that skip traditional markups and you can seriously love.

    -Designed and handcrafted in-house with focus on the tiniest of details.


Fine jewellery, made responsibly, priced fairly

What we offer is quite simple- locally handcrafted fine jewellery pieces that will last forever, ethically sourced materials, no middlemen or traditional retail markups. 

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Sizing Guide

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US Size 
UK Size
Diameter (mm)
1.5 C 12.9
2.5 E 13.7
3.5 G 14.5
4.5 I 15.3
5 J 15.7
5.5 K 16
6 L 16.5
6.5 M 16.9
7 N 17.3
7.5 0 17.6
8 P 18
8.5 Q 18.5
9 R 18.9