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Engineer turned Content Creator Joana Leite on Facing Adversity and Sticking to your Goals.

March 08, 2018

Hi, I'm Joana, a woman that still calls herself as forever girl, no matter the wrinkles my inner child is too big to hide :)
Swapped the Portuguese sunny and warm weather for the "no summer emerald land" warmed by the Irish joy in Dublin, Ireland.
From dreaming about being a rocket scientist, became a Metallurgical and Material Engineer and now I live among style and styling, working on giving my project, named STYLE TRACES, a life possible to live on! 

When you're fighting for your own goals, for your own project, every baby step forward, every little achievement, will make you sparkle with happiness.

It's priceless when your hard work gives you good results and puts you one step closer to your goals! no matter the branch of your business, you will feel magic every little time your work succeeds. 



I've learned to believe in myself more than ever, fighting for my goals and always believe that all my dreams were possible. One of the good of the bad thing to be fighting alone? I grew a lot as a woman, as a dreamer, became fearless! There was no "no" I wouldn't believe I was going to turn into a sweet "yes"! 

"Once you believe in yourself you are unstoppable! you dream, you believe and you will achieve!" it really happens.
Not overnight, but with a lot of love, work and dedication for what you're fighting for. Set a goal, study the best path to reach it and achieve it!


A tip? Always have someone close to you, to help you through those "I want to quit" days, someone you care, and really cares about you.  Someone that will be as happy as you with your success - a friend, family, a lover or a professional team. 


Take it from me, I only survived 1 year fighting alone for my project's life in a country that wasn't mine, away from family and friends... I started to lose my endless power, no one was there to balance my emotions when I started to break down while struggling with my Crohn's Disease pain episodes, spending days in bed, and feeling low. So, I paused my project, I paused my life... "sometimes you need to take one step back to be able to move forward."  

I might be going slower now, but still fighting to put my project, my life, on the right path.

Once you want something, really really bad, you manage a way to get it. No matter the adversities you'll find. BELIEVE always, WORK WORK WORK and BELIEVE the main ingredients for living every life's dream! 


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