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  • What the (eco)gold?
  • Milena Baeva

What the (eco)gold?




This blog post is coming a few days later than I would have liked it to but start up life can get really hectic and one needs a fresh head to write, am I right? 

So today I'm (finally) putting my blogger hat on as I wanted to touch up on a few things we've done this week. I've committed to being transparent and for that reason I'd like to get into the "why's".

So we've launched a new collection and it's very different to what we offered up to now. Why is that and why did we decide to do it?

For one it is a very personal collection as the inspiration for it comes from a personal place but it's not only that. It is also produced in 18k gold only. 

But there is something else-It takes us further in the direction we want to continue on as company and that's being as environmentally responsible as we possibly can. 

Our products are already made locally and ethically, what else? We wanted to go further and make sure we can minimise the impact our materials have on their own. As you probably know gold, silver and gemstones are all acquired through mining. Most mining takes place in developing countries where there is little oversight of the processes and their environmental impact. This generally results in water and soil pollution, soil erosion and greenhouse gas emissions. Basically all things that we don't want to be happening.  Luckily, turns out that there is something that can be done about this.

There is a massive inventory of fine jewellery around the world and unlike other products it doesn't deteriorate with time. What changes is fashion and taste. This means that precious metals can be recycled and in fact they are. The source metals come mainly from the jewellery but also from other industries like electronics and medicine. They are refined back into their elements-pure gold, silver or platinum and have the exact same quality as newly mined materials. 

Is this solution ideal and is it going to put an end to the harmful practices of mining? Probably not. But it is a step in the right direction and is definitely better than doing nothing.

The 18k gold we used for our Perles Rebelles collection is precisely recycled or ecogold. It is another grain of sand we're putting into our quest to shaking things up and bringing small but important changes to the industry.

I also want to take a moment to say thank you for being a part of this crazy journey and for depositing your trust in us. We're really just getting started.

Happy Friday!



  • Milena Baeva