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On Essentials

January 29, 2018


We launched our " Essentials" collection last week after months of exciting work-designing, researching, testing and sampling. We wanted not only to bring beautiful new jewellery but also to make sure we stayed true to our promise- to provide the best quality of craftsmanship at the best value.

We're a small, family owned brand that we're building from the ground up. We don't have fancy showrooms, PR or social media teams. But while small, we're also mission driven and determined to disrupt. Most of all we're free to stick to our values which in the world of young companies can be a luxury.


So what did we do?

We wanted to further improve the quality and thus the longevity of every piece we offer. We knew the only viable way for us to do that was moving to 100% solid gold. Yes, it complicates things a bit and makes them more expensive but we knew we could make it work. We wanted to say gold and only mean gold, not plated, not filled, not adorned. We wanted pieces that would last forever.

We chose 18k over 14k for its colour and lustre but also overall superior quality. We then took it a step further and just like with "Perles Rebelles" committed to using eco or fair trade raw materials. 

As the collection expanded and we started accounting for product customizations and a variety of gemstones, we worked with our providers to make sure we knew their exact origin. And we do, down to the name of the mine where gems are sourced. In the process we learned how doing things this way helps not just for us to feel good about our purchasing decisions but also  for local communities that rely on gemstone mining for their livelihood. 

As for the collection itself, we've received numerous questions on when we'll make easy everyday and everynight pieces. Pieces that will fit right into the lifestyle of modern women who are hard workers, but also mothers and overall rockstars and juggling a thousand things at the same time. Pieces that you can put on and never need to take off. And so we heard you. We focused on making exactly that.


And what remains the same?

Our commitment  to delivering you the highest quality of craftsmanship at a fair price. No retail or designer markups, no gimmicks.

Our small, made to order and no waste local production.

Our love for what we do and our appreciation for you following along on this journey.



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